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You will receive one-on-one sessions with an experienced licensed physical therapist to assess and promote wellness, prevention, fitness and health. Wellness physical therapy focuses on the whole person.


The initial evaluation will include a health history profile, disease risk profile, standard physical exam, physical performance exam, and a wellness screening.

The physical performance exam is the main component of the initial evaluation. It is an objective battery of tests which assess cardiopulmonary fitness, balance, strength and agility. This will allow us to determine your current fitness level specific to each area and comparable to age- and gender-based norms; and will assist us in developing a baseline for your future improvements.

The second session will include a review of goals, evaluation results, and an implementable plan, provided in a written format for you to take home and apply to your life.

*Referrals to other health care professionals as indicated (i.e. high blood pressure).



  • Transformation Package $329

Includes Initial Evaluation & Personalized Follow-up Session

  • Coaching Package $200

Includes weekly 20-minute phone coaching session x 8 weeks

  • Best Value: $499

Transformation & Coaching Package




We are committed to maximizing the value of each visit since we value each client’s time and resources. 

Please wear comfortable, modest clothing, and sturdy shoes and plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment for paperwork and to maximize time with your physical therapist.

Fees are payable at the initial evaluation.  Payment by cash or check is preferred.