I have always been an active person, yet in the back of my mind I had a concern about falling because of what I saw my own mother go through as she advanced in age.  I decided I wanted to learn how to combat this.  Cindy assessed my fitness and gave me strategies to improve my flexibility, core strength, and balance.  Now I feel stronger and more confident because of my improved balance.  I’m no longer afraid of falling.  I have even begun to return to some of the activites I used to enjoy doing.  Best of all, I am now convinced that I will be able to stay active throughout my lifetime.

I highly recommend Cindy.  She put me at ease and she is really good at what she does.

                                                                                                                                               – Kathleen H., St. Cloud, MN      


I came to see Cindy hoping she could help me with the stiffness I had been having for a few years.  I was experiencing tightness in my hips which caused me to walk slowly.  And when I had been sitting for even short periods of time, my hips and legs would be so tight I needed to stand still for a few minutes to get myself ‘oiled’ up so I could walk. This was getting very concerning for me since I was only 65 years old and knew I would need my mobility for at least another 20 plus years.

Cindy spent our first session assessing my mobility and then created a plan of stretches, core strengthening and a walking program for me.  With Cindy’s patient coaching and a strong desire to improve, I put the plan into action.  I have to admit that those first few 10-15 minute daily walks were VERY difficult and exhausting.  But I kept plugging along. By the end of that first week I started noticing some small changes.  I had less stiffness in my hips when I got up after sitting. And walking was a tad bit smoother.  Something must be working!

Now after 6 weeks my walking speed and endurance has improved and I feel very little tightness.  And when I get up after sitting, I can begin to move almost immediately.  I realize I need to do the stretches, the strengthening, and walking routine on a very regular basis to maintain and continue to improve this.  

I am SO grateful for Cindy’s wisdom and my restored mobility.

                                                                                                                                              – Karen E., Sauk Rapids, MN 


The program Cindy gave me is excellent!!  It is everything I needed and is working very well; it is just the right amount of strengthening and I have lost 8 lbs. and I am walking nearly everyday.                               

                                                                                                                                            – Linda K., St. Cloud, MN